CUDACasts Episode #9: Explore GPU device memory with Nsight Eclipse Edition

Visual tools offer a very efficient method for developing and debugging applications. When working on massively parallel codes built on the CUDA Platform, this visual approach is even more important because you could be dealing with tens of thousands of parallel threads.

With the free NVIDIA Nsight Eclipse Edition IDE, you can quickly and easily examine the GPU memory state in a running CUDA C or C++ application. In today’s CUDACast, we continue our CUDA 5.5 series with a look at this new feature available to Eclipse users.

In the next few weeks, we’ll take a break from the CUDA 5.5 new feature series and explore some other topics, such as writing CUDA applications in pure Python. Stay tuned!

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About Mark Ebersole

As CUDA Educator at NVIDIA, Mark Ebersole teaches developers and programmers about the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing platform and programming model, and the benefits of GPU computing. With more than ten years of experience as a low-level systems programmer, Mark has spent much of his time at NVIDIA as a GPU systems diagnostics programmer in which he developed a tool to test, debug, validate, and verify GPUs from pre-emulation through bringup and into production. Before joining NVIDIA, he worked for IBM developing Linux drivers for the IBM iSeries server. Mark holds a BS degree in math and computer science from St. Cloud State University. Follow @cudahamster on Twitter